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Hey guys

I'm looking to build a new system come June, however, i'll be giving my current system to my brother, so i want it to still be good, and I may upgrade it slightly.

This is my current system:

Athlon II X4 620 @ 3.2GHz, OCZ Gladiator 92mm cooler.
4GB Corsair PC-6400
Gigabyte GA-MA78GM-US2H mobo
gigabyte radeon 5830
OCZ 600W ModXStream PSU
Hitachi Desktar 500GB HDD
Case with good airflow
Windows XP Pro (I KNOW!)

In about 6 months I plan on spending roughly 1500$ CAD after taxes and shipping on a new gaming rig.
I'll have to get Windows 7 then anyways, but at the moment, Windows 7 HE 64-bit is on sale for 90$ OEM, which is about 40$ off regular canadian prices. I thinking about grabbing one for my new build and one for my current PC.

Then i thought, if I'm going to install a new OS, i'll either have to reformat my drive or get a new one. This got me on the idea of a solid state boot drive, and i found the Intel X25-V 40GB on for 70$ after rebates.

I'll be getting one copy of Windows 7 for my future build either way. Is it worth the hassle and money to buy another and that intel SSD for an extra 180$ after tax?

A final question. If i did get the SSD and windows 7, would it be better to dual-boot and leave my HDD as is?
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  1. System is fine as is for older games, IMO....let him play FEAR, Quake 4, Doom3, and Medal of Honor for several months!

    Save your money for your rig, with SandyBridge mainboards and cpus right around the corner....get Win7 now if you feel the price is great
  2. just to add in, gaming at 1920x 1080. and is the difference between directX 9 and directX 11 substantial?
  3. I would get the win 7 if it's such a great deal. As for the second drive in the current system - Why the SSD? Why not just get a regular spin drive and install on that? The SSDs are fine of course but if you're only wanting to install another drive, (yes leave the first system alone for dual boot for quite a few reasons) so you add/install win 7 on it I would just put a regular platter drive in it. Save the SSD(s) for your new RIG. :ange: The difference in direct X9 and X11 is mostly obvious in the newer games and probably blu-ray movies. So there is a significant difference between the two when it comes to 3D visuals and some 2D visuals.

    When you're ready to build the new system let us know and we'll help with that also.
  4. the cheapest HDD i could find was 40$, for another 30$ after rebate i thought it'd be worth it for SSD performance (especially since that intel is a good model).

    i know i don't get the extra storage, but i have a 1tb external so i'm not worried about that (i don't use a large amount of space). and last, i'll be most certainly buying ssds in my new rig.
  5. ok here's an update:

    cheapest SSD is 70$ after 20$ MIR:
    intel X25-V 40GB

    cheapest HDD is 35$:
    seagate barracuda 7200.12 500MB

    but with the HDD through a combo deal you can get:
    OCZ vertex 2 60GB SSD for 70$ after 20$ MIR.

    reason why i bring that up is because i could save the SSD for the new rig, perhaps even pair it in RAID. an idea i thought would be worth considering.

    so...any advice would be great on what i should do, thanks a lot!!

  6. That makes sense. I suggested earlier saving the SSD for your new rig. If you can get both in a good combo deal go for it!
  7. 1500$ cad is basically 1500$ US. So my suggestion is picking up the Sandy Bridges when they come out. Specifically the i5 2400S. Performs at the i7 880's level for only 200$. (according to a malaysian price leak, the currency converted of course). The mobo's don't look to be priced super high, Intel stated SB was going to be intended on budget prices. So.. The 200$ looks correct.


    As for a mobo leak, there are plenty, just google "Asus Sandy Bridge Motherboards" or "Gigabyte Sandy Bridge Motherboards". Asrock is really quiet about their mobos. But a accidental leak popped up on Newegg. So here is what to expect out of an enthusiast motherboard.

    As for the Vertex 2, at 90$ before MIR, that is a great deal. Just get one, RAID is not going to improve that much, you'll already see boot differences with one SSD. From getting a vertex 2 in my fathers system. Boot's Win7 ultimate in 15 secs about. another 5 to log in.

    As for a solid HDD, the barracuda sounds good, if you want. You could look at the Samsung F3. Not much of a difference but just putting it out their.

    GPU-wise. 1920x1080, a CF/SLI config would be best IMO. I think CF 6850 or SLI 460's would be a good idea. A 6950 would be a good idea as well, or another 50$ could pick you a 570. Lots of options now a days. Still I think the 6850 CF or 460 SLI would be your best bet.

    As you can see, the 6850 in CF performs very well at 1920x1080. Over most of the older competition, before the 570 and 69xx.
  8. Basically the system i planned on. So final clarification:

    Should I get the seagate HDD and combo with the OCZ SSD. If so do I save the SSD for my new rig or use it in my current rig and save the seagate for my new rig as a multimedia HDD.

  9. I would do that, It'd be able to be used as a back-up or storing main apps.
  10. Sorry?
  11. I would use the hdd for the old build and install a new os on that, (again, keeping the old os and programs installed on the other one). Then, just for kicks, after you have that up and running, I would then also install the SSD on the old system, (temporarily until you get the new system), and install an os on that and see how you like the performance! When you start putting the new system together, grab the SSD, after wiping it, from the old system and put it in the new one. By that point you might also want to look at getting a platter hdd for the new build.
  12. i think i've made my decision. i don't really have the patience or $$ to install windows 7 twice on one PC. i think, (and correct me if this sounds bad or won't work) that i will do the following:

    purchase 2 windows 7 licenses, the 500GB seagate and the combo vertex SSD.
    then i'm going to install windows 7 on the SSD on boot on my current rig.

    with my new build, i'm going to take the SSD from my current rig, wipe any excess data off and use that as a boot drive for my new build--perhaps adding a second one for RAID 0.

    finally i will take the seagate HDD or new HDD that i buy and install the 2nd windows 7 license on this hard drive and throw it into my old rig (the one i'm using now).

    does that make sense, and if so, will it work?
  13. It makes sense. But in the past I have had 3 different hard drives in one computer. On each hard drive I installed the same copy of windows and registered it each time. I always worked under the premise that 1 license - 1 computer, no matter how many times I installed windows on it. So you should be able to use all three drives in your old system. When you get your new system and install whichever hDD or SSD in it you will then use your second license - second computer. As many hard drives you put in it you should be able to install windows on it. That's what I've always done.

    You can do it your way, it will work. Just remember that you HAVE to install the hard drive in the computer you're going to use and THEN install the operating system.
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