Sharing an Internet Connection Over a Network

I have an ADSL Internet Conection and I want to share it over a network of 3 computers.
I have
1. ZTE ZXDSL831AII modem supplied my my ISP.
2. DLink 10/100 Ethernet Switch 8Port
3. Required number and lengths of LAN cables.
My ISP has two plan settings
1. Home
2. Business
In Home it supplies to ony a single computer
In Business per computer a separate IP.

I have Home Plan

Currently i can connect to the internet through anyone of the computers at a time.
I can access net on all the systems but not at the same time.

Can anyone tell me how to share the internet connection over a network?
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  1. Get a router.
  2. Any other way? w/o getting a router?

    i know how to do it using a router.
  3. Why not use a router? You could use Windows ICS if you have 2 NICs in 1 computer.
  4. No budget
  5. LOL. here in India it costs 4000 Rs Dlink Router
    which is around 80+ USD
  6. Then get a second NIC and use Windows ICS.
  7. 46 views and only 7 replies including 3 of mine.

    There is a possible way of doing it. I have configured all my computer to access the internet using the same connection shared over a switch.
    But the problem is,
    I can't do it. I had to ask a friend of mine this morning who does that sort of thing but i do not know how he did it.
    All i can tell is he accesses my ZTE modem and clicked on some settings(of which i remember something called NAT)
    Thanks :). If someone has got a solution please post.
    Else Mods mark this thread solved :)
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  8. Dude, I've given you the Best Answer. If you're too lazy to do a little more research here's a link for you.
  9. hey...its sometimes we need to save the money these days and we dont want to buy a router..dude...

    actlly i hav an android phone and i want to share my internet over my wifii lappy...

    finally i have found a software for this without even installing is..
    u can try
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