X-Fi Champion Front Bay problem

I had just thrown 14k from my pocket to buy X-fi champion to get dazzing sound from my z5500 speakers, it almost rocked.

But when i tried to change volume using the front panel, i was astonished to see that its completely dead, only front bay headphone jack is working. Thrown a quick search on forum, several people suggested to update drivers to the lastest, pushing both cables to the hardest, but nothing seems to be working for me :(:(:(

The bay LED dont lit up and none of the volume knob works, i would have saved 7k if i would have gone for the pro series rather than champion. Hope some of you would be able to lit my front panel :(

PC Config :
Core i5
msi p55 cd3 motherboard
X-fi Fatalty Champion sound card
Windows 7 32 bit
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  1. Hello, and welcome to THG.

    May have to break it to you...

    unless, the LED fired. Still, that won't explain the malfunction.

    I would RMA it. If it is under warranty have them refund you, get another champion card, or get the company to give you a pro series one.
  2. i am from india, got it imported from US as in India its very hard to find one :(, so i dont think warranty will remain :(
  3. I am pretty sure. Just ask the distributor/trader to return it to the USA and have them send a new one over.
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