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I have a few questions concerning the temperatures of my Intel Q9300.

My computer, Gateway FX4710 (The only thing different is the graphics card):

It is NOT overclocked.

I used CoreTemp to look at my temps while idle, here's what I got:
Core 0 - 53-59*c
Core 1 - 45-48*c
Core 2 - 53-57*c
Core 3 - 54-58*c
It was mainly on the lower end.

I used SpeedFan and here are the results:

Not really sure how to interpret them.

I used Nvidia Control Panel:

This computer is about 2 years old.
I am using the stock cooler fan that came with it.

I'm opening the computer up tomorrow to clean it as thoroughly as possible.

Are these temperatures normal?
How long will my preprocessor last?
How can I lower the temperatures?

Not sure if it's needed but:
Intel Q9300
600watt PSU
Nvidia GTS 250 512mb
4gb RAM
Windows Vista x64
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  1. They are not good temps for idle they are usually what you would expect under load which you should test (Use something that stresses your cpu like a game or prime95) and see what temps you get (Stop testing if you go near 90c)
  2. Real temperature is better at reading your temperature then speed fan is. The temperature you are getting now is in reasonable range, but if you want to get the temperature I would consider in buying a new case and a aftermarket heat sink. You can also try putting on new thermal past
  3. Temps are no good man. Either clean very well, and put new thermal paste (Zero Therm) on the cpu. I would recommend a new heatsink and fan. You dont want to go over 63C while running prime I wold say.
  4. Post your temps after you clean your case from dust, those cpu temps are high for idle, if they don`t drop i would recommend you to get a CM Hyper 212 plus, its only 30$ and it performs perfectly :)
  5. Alright, cleaned it out. Not much of a difference. I noticed the thermal paste is completely gone, so I'll have to order some of that. What's the best thermal paste to use? I'm looking at the CM Hyper 212 and other fans.

    Core 0 - 50-57*c
    Core 1 - 42-46*c
    Core 2 - 47-54*c
    Core 3 - 53-57*c

    I'll post some results while under load.

    EDIT: While doing R.U.S.E's CPU benchmark, temps stayed below 70*c, in the high 60s. There's only a 10 degree difference between idle and under load temps...

    Core 0 - 67*c
    Core 1 - 58*c
    Core 2 - 69*c
    Core 3 - 67*c

    I'll try a GTA IV benchmark and see how that turns out.
  6. For thermal paste, I would recommand Artic MX-4.The thermal paste is one of the best that I have used for. Artic MX-4 beats most other paste by 5-10 degrees.
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