How to approach OS install on a new build

Hello All,

This will be my third home build, but had a few questions about OS and BIOS installation.

I will be installing a hard drive from my current PC that has XP installed on it. One of the things I want to do is upgrade to WIN7 for this build. What is the recommended procedure for the first boot with the new hardware? Should I let it boot to the XP if it will? If not, should I have my Windows installation disk in one of the optical drives for the system to boot from?

I will go the the forum specific to the motherboard I have, but I understand on this board it is a good idea to update to the latest BIOS. Would I want to do that right after the initial OS installation, before I get too far along in installing other software?

Thanks for any advice.
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    Are you using an Upgade Win7 CD? If so, probably bet to just set the BIOS to boot from the CD; Mb BIOS update should not be needed unless you suspect the latest BIOS has some fix in it you actually require....
  2. You should boot up from the windows 7 CD.
  3. OK, I'll start out like that.

    Thank You
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