Gaming computer for around $500

So i am a first time builder and was going to originally build a PC for around a grand. However i really don't want to wait that long to save up that much money. So i am looking to spend around $500 and maybe upgrade later if need be. I just want to get a viable desktop as soon as i can.

The only game i play right now is Starcraft2. I plan on playing Diablo 3 when it comes out and Final Fantasy 14 if it ever gets fixed. I know SC2 is not very demanding as far as specs go, not sure on D3 and i know FF14 is very demanding. I would love to be able to run Starcraft 2 on Ultra settings. ( Not sure if that is feasible ) But it's a goal.

I am a very big eye candy person, i want my visuals to look the absolute best they can for the money i am spending. From what i have been reading i think i am set on getting a Radeon 5770 card. That is unless you guys have a better solution, i heard they are pretty good and not too terribly expensive.

I have a LED-LCD Samsung monitor that i just bought the other week that supports 1920x1200( i think that's the max) So i will need everything expect mouse,keyboard and monitor.

Also, the only research i have done was on the Intel CPU's. Are i3's and i5's good to get the job done while staying in budget? I typically only have looked around at Newegg and they are the only site i have ever used. However i am open to any suggestions you guys might have as well
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  1. Your goal of playing fluidly on unreleased games at 1920x1080 for $500 is admirable and frugal, but, you will be hard pressed to meet it, IMO....; the OS alone is $120.
    The i5 and a P55 socket 1156 mainboard would be best in this budget, and, perhaps a pair of 2 GB DDR3 sticks to start.... (I'd avoid the i3)

    FInd a 400-600 GB hard drive on sale for $39 if need be...

    A GTX 460 is a nice card for the money these days.
  2. I fully understand if i have to do lower resolution for later games and even starcraft for that matter. The games are not out yet so it is really hard to tell how well anything will run. As far as the OS goes i think i can get a pretty big discount through my school if i remember correctly.

    Thank you already for the input you have given though! Any advise and help is needed!
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