ATI 4650 vs 5550 vs 5570 vs Nvidia GT 240


I am going to need the card for OpenGL 3D-rendering and fast 2D image processing with large data sets (500MB-2GB). I have the choice between the following cards & prices:

ATI Radeon HD 5570
59 €

ATI Radeon HD 5550
48 €

ATI Radeon HD 5550
512MB DDR5
52 €

ATI Radeon HD 4650
48 €

512MB DDR3
53 €

512MB DDR5
56 €

Which one will be the fastest?

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  1. There also is a:

    NVIDIA GT240
    1GB DDR3
    61 €
  2. The 5570
  3. Thanks,

    is it also worth the up to 10€ premium? Do you perhaps have some performance comparison data?
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    the gddr5 version of the gt240 is the fastest out of them. ddr3 5570 has similar performance to a ddr3 gt240, same thing with the ddr5 5570 having similar performance to the ddr5 gt240. i guess this image shows it, although it doesnt show the gt240 ddr3.

  5. thanks for the benchmarks, though I´m not going to play video games with it. Do you know how they compare in OpenGL performance and which role the memory difference (1GB vs 512MB) plays?

    Also I just found one more option that would be in the acceptable price range:

    NVIDIA GT430
    1GB DDR3
    63 €

    Is that card superior to the GT 240?
  6. I take back the GT430 question, found a comparison that clearly states it is slower. Why can´t I edit my posts on this forum?
  7. i use quick edit. well gddr5 is twice as fast as ddr3. it makes hardly any difference in these low end cards whether you buy the 512mb or the 1gb version but there is a difference between ddr5 and ddr3 as you can see in that benchmark i posted.

    the HD5000 series can use opengl 4.1 just like the gt430. i think theres opencl support aswell now with the HD5000 series. the gt240 and HD4650 use opengl 3.3. not sure about the performance in opengl but they do use different versions.
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