Is upgrading a smart decision or building a new computer?


i am deciding if i should upgrade my computer or start with a new build

my current setup

intel e8400 3 ghz (not oc'ed)
thermaltake ultra 120
abit ip35 pro
2gb ddr2 crucial ballistix ram
xfx gts250
2x1 tb hdd
antec p182
19" lcd
win 7 64

the only game i play is sc2 with high settings which runs fine on my computer. surfing the web, watching videos, and the usual is fine and works without any hitch.

i do a lot of photo editing which originally was no problem at all until i got the 5dii dslr and upgraded photoshop and lightroom. now, using photoshop and lightroom is incredibly slow, and saving/exporting files got to the point where the mouse cursor freezes for like 10 seconds before anything registers. everything just becomes really slow and sluggish.

i thought perhaps extra ram would help but im not sure since ddr3 prices are so much cheaper than ddr2. also, with sandybridge coming out soon, would it be better for a new build?

i was thinking of replacing just my cpu, mb, and ram to like the i7 with 6gb ddr3 ram or something. any suggestions?
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  1. SandyBridge will be out in a few weeks, I'd hold off for now if possible...
  2. More ram would definitely help. A faster more modern system would though be ideal.
  3. i know that once sandrybridge is released, the prices of the current i7 cpus will drop in price. should i go and upgrade then, or just go with the ddr2 path?
  4. Although im not an expert, if i was in your position i would probably take the opportunity to upgrade as much as i can. ram is nice, but you know just as well as i do that eventually programs come out with more features, and although ram would allow you more freedom to do a little bit more, i honestly believe it to be the processor that is causing the hang ups. a good way to tell for yourself would be to open up the task manager and check for ram consumption as well as cpu consumption to lead on whether or not an overhaul is necessary. i hope this helps.
  5. hmmm guess he must of took off.
  6. nope, im still here.

    my budget is under 1k.

    i know for sure i will get the i7 950 with either the asus sabertooth or gigabyte ud3 with 6-12gb ram.
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