Help me understand relationship between router, switch, and server

Okay, so I am very familiar with the standard router set up, and I get the whole purpose and function of a switch. So I know the basic, but what I am unclear on is the set up/configuration methods used when there is a switch involved.

To better explain myself, at my work we have a wired network, that consists of the DSL modem, connected to a standard 4 port wired router, which goes to a large switch. All our workstations are connected into the switch. The boss wants to give wireless networking a whirl, so takes out the wired four port router, replaces with standard wireless router.
Does not unplug or change anything else.

Havoc. There is a server that all computers have to access frequently and while some computers can connect to the internet, and some can't, none of them can successfully connect to the server. Spent several hours jumping from station to station, trying to work it out, but the bottom line is that the server computer had (previously) been set at a specifc IP address, and each station connectioned to it by using address afp:// - which is no longer valid I guess after replacing the router.

Normally, I go onto router web interface page and can go to the DHCP table and see who is connected. But when I did that in this case, the table listed all 8 stations, but NOT the server.
I guess I don't understand how to get into the switch configuration, or if you can, or what the problem could be. I have never dealt with a network that included a switch in the mix, (since I normally stay away from business based networks and stick to the home stuff)

The guy who originally set up the server and the switch, etc, is not available for a while, and we need this fixed. If anyone had any ideas, or thoughts, or even explanations, I am all ears....
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  1. Change the IP address of the router to and set the DHCP range to be - Make sure the server has a static IP address of Or go back to your old router and get a wireless access point.
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