Intel chasis sc5650ws Fan's Roaring

I have, Dual E5620
G Card FX 1800 Nvidia
Chassis SC5650 Intel

And the problem with me is that my fan are producing too much of noise these days and now really its not comfortable for me to work on it for 8 hrs a day cuz of that harsh noise. i donno wats wrong ..plz help me bcuz i m in great need of it.

It has setting named FAN SPEED which consist of two tabs inside that ,first one is PERFORMANCE and second one is ACCOUSTIC or something like that.Its set to PERFORMANCE by default.

I've updated my Bios too and dint got any difference because there is no option of reducing fan speed or something like that.Is there any software for windows which can regulate fan speed according to our need.

C A N A N Y O N E H E L P :hello:
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    Performance = Full speed, Acoustic = Fan control (regulated) based on temperature!
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