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Hey all,
It's my first question here & I'm a novice at building, so please be gentle. My question is this: Will an MSI P7N SLI Platinum mobo work in a SLI configuration with the rest of my components listed below or will there be any compatibility issues? Here is my current setup:

Asus P5K Deluxe mobo
Intel Q9400 C2Q cpu
4gb Corsair XMS2 memory 2gbx2 (CM2X2048-8500C5)
(1) EVGA GTX460 768mb

I recently couldn't pass up a deal on a 2nd identical 460 that a friend had, but my Asus mobo doesn't support SLI. However I have another buddy that has the MSI P7N SLI mobo & I was curious if it would be compatible with the rest of my components to allow me to run both 460's in SLI?
If not then I will wait til sometime after the new year & upgrade cpu, mobo & memory so that I can run SLI, I'm just not going to spend big bucks on a SLI mobo for dated components. But the price is right on the MSI mobo, so if it would work I'd like to pick it up & use this 2nd 460 as well, if it will even work for these newer cards. Please advise. :)
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  1. Yes it would work. But are you looking at changing the motherboard only?
  2. At the moment yes, only because the mobo would be cheap. I plan on upgrading cpu, mobo & memory after the New Year or early spring. However after looking at this mobo more closely, I question whether it is a MSI retail product or a mobo that came in a pre-built pc. I question it because it only has 2 pci express slots as opposed to the 3 that I see in the pic from Newegg & a couple of other places.
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