Memory trouble with ASUS P8Z 68-V LE

I built my computer a few months ago and it's worked famously ever since. Today, though, it hasn't been booting.

The computer powers on, but the power LED doesn't light, as though it's in sleep mode. I've tried restarting it several times and that did nothing, so I opened it up to have a look. The MemOK LED was lit, so I reset it. After resetting twice, there's still no change. I tried removing a stick of RAM to see one had malfunctioned (I tried this for both) and still no change. I haven't bought any new hardware since I got the computer, so I have no idea what could be causing the issue.

ASUS P8Z 68-V LE Motherboard
Patriot G2-series 4GB RAM

Thanks in advance for any help.
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  1. Why do you think it's a memory issue? What do you mean by "The computer powers on, but the power LED doesn't light, as though it's in sleep mode."? Have you checked the PSU? Did you disconnect the PSU from the wall outlet for a few seconds and then reconnect it?
  2. (sorry for lateness)
    I did disconnect the PSU before posting.There was no change. I think it's a memory issue because the DRAM_LED is active, which would lead me to believe that the motherboard suffers some connection issue with the RAM (that, or there's a bad stick). I tested to see if one stick was the cause of the issue, but neither would tune on it's own.

    As for the powering on, the PSU and fans come on, all my parts are active, but the computer won't actually start. The external power LED doesn't light, so I think it's a boot failure (taking me back to the RAM). I'd like to know if there's anything else I can do to fix it without replacing the motherboard or RAM, and if it's more likely to be one or the other.
  3. I presume that what you refer to as "The external power LED" is the power LED on the case that's connected to the motherboard? If so, then keep on reading.

    If the system won't power up (case power LED lit) with either memory module, then memory isn't the issue (unless both modules are bad, but that's very unlikely). Did you remove or disconnect all other components (DVD-RW, hard disk and video card) just in case one is shorted out? Did you check all voltages with a DVM to verify that the PSU is fine? A defective PSU can cause that type of issue. If the PSU is fine, then the motherboard might be defective. Test it outside of the case just in case it was shorting out.
  4. Sorry for the lateness, again.

    I've tested it after detaching all but the motherboard, processor and RAM and the problem persists. I don't have a method of testing the PSU, though, so I'll go into a store to see if they can find out whether it's defective. Thanks for your help.
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