Advice/Review on build.

Just need a simple review if everything is okay on this build. Please ask if there are any more parts I could possibly need for anything. The only parts I do not need are: speakers, and mice. Can't find the template right now but I am overclocking and I am doing SLI in the future. My budget is around $900-$1,200.

AMD Phenom II x4 955
Comes with this coupon for BFBC2. I don't know if it gives you %10 off the download or if it is a complete free download-.-'.

Combo'ed with-

Has the 980a SLI chipset for GTX 460.

From Amazon for rebate + free shipping.

Enough power for the system and GTX 460 SLI.

Video Card-

Corsair XMS3


DVD Drive-
Samsung 22x

Samsung Spinpoint f3 1TB

CPU Cooler-
Buying from Best Buy, cheaper than Newegg's deal, plus I have $40 gift card.

Logitech G10

Hopefully totals are right :-P
Total w/o rebates, shipping, or gift cards-

With rebates, shipping & gift cards-

Any advice appreciated.
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  1. Forgot to include that I have the OS added in.
    Windows 7 64 bit OEM
  2. Looks good to me!
  3. How about an equally good power supply for $25 cheaper after rebate?

    Or even a more powerful power supply for $35 cheaper? You never know how much power any future upgrades may need...
    Antec EarthWatts EA750 750W Continuous Power

    Don't let the cheaper prices fool you-- it says Corsair was voted the best power supply manufacturer of 2010, and I highly doubt Antec will fail you. Mine's definitely running solid to this very day, and I couldn't be happier with it. ^_^

    You could use the money you saved to get yourself a nice soundcard. With the setup you have, you might as well treat yourself to one. :)

    People seem to be very happy with this one:
    SIIG IC-510012-S2 5.1 Channels 16-bit PCI Interface SoundWave

    But if you're willing to spend a bit more then there's this one:
    Turtle Beach TBS-3300-01 7.1 Channels 24-bit 96KHz PCI Interface Montego DDL Sound Card

    But if you REALLY want to invest in some killer sound:
    HT | OMEGA STRIKER 7.1 Channels PCI Interface Sound Card
    ^"The sound from this card is better than a woman."^ ;)

    But those are just a few tweaks/extras. All in all, I think you have a pretty sweet build there. =]
  4. Thank you for the advice. I do know that Antec makes quality power supplies too. The only reason I am not buying a 650tx is that it does not have enough connectors for a gtx sli setup. I may go for the 750tx or the one's you offered. As for the soundcard, it does seem quite important for someone like me. I will look into it(perhaps upgradeable in the future). Also going to buy white LEDs for the case to light it up but not look too flashy.
    Thank you!
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