9800GT vs 250GTS

My son's old 8500 went out on him. I currently have a EVGA 9800GT:

I'm buying an XFX 250GTS from a friend:

They both are 512MB GDDR3 and the only difference I can find is my 9800 has HDMI out (along with DVI and VGA) and the 250GTS has dual DVI and s-video out.

Question is, which should go in my computer and which should go in my sons? I was looking at getting a 5700 ATI but cash isn't in my favor at the moment, so I have to make the decision between these two. Thanks for the suggestions...
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  1. The 250 I'm getting is 512MB, not 1gig. You have a comparison like the one above that shows the 250 with 512? (Nice chart BTW)
  2. GTS250 is better than 9800GT, so which one of you need more gpu power should choose GTS250.
  3. Thanks everyone.
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