Cpu break in?

i bought a new laptop last thursday and have ran cinebench 11.5 numerous times and the longer i have it the better the cpu score gets. it has came from a 3.8 ish to now a 4.75 and when i tested it the first day it consistently would test in the 3.8's and each successive day the results would be consistent. is the normal for a cpu to become better and better as it ages to a point at least?
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  1. no, it might be some software you downloaded or something like that
  2. Probably some driver updates and windows updates, if stuff is trying to use the CPU while you are trying to run the benchmark you will end up with variable scores, the first day or two a new system is usually slowly acquiring an update and not settled in.

    A CPU does not age, its a crystalline assembly and as long as the temps arent getting super high there is no change in its physical state so its not possible to break a CPU in.
  3. i think it is norton because it runs a scan when i first start up then about ten minutes after startup if i run the benchmark it is the highest the score will go.
  4. That sounds likely. As stated above, the CPU won't change or "break in", so something like that is definitely the cause.
  5. Well it could be speed step sticking as the cooling fan became looser and then cooled the processor so it could run at the right speed.

    Drivers wouldnt cause that much of a stir...
  6. Not if it's a CPU, only happens much for GPUs.
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