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Hello everyone!

While researching about my PC's problems i've read a few commentaries from your forums and a friend of mine spoke very fondly of this community so i decided to give it a shot.

About a year ago I had the problem that after a while my PC would just crash and reboot without display of any error. This would mostly (but not exclusively) happen while playing games (WoW, League of Legend & and all that crap)

After a lot of research and not finding any answers I brought my PC to the local computer store, where I was told my memory was defect. After getting new memory the problem was gone and I was happy.

Until today. When suddenly my PC did the exact same thing while downloading a patch for another game.

Remembering the above mentioned solution I did a bit of research about memory and checked a few FAQs.

At first ran memtest86 a couple of times, which always found exactly one error wenn using both RAMs at address 000dfeee668 - 3582,9 MB (2x2GB DDR2-800 by corsair) and exactly one error at 0007feee668 - 2046,9 MB when running each RAM alone.

While the tests where running I did a bit of research about compatibility of my MB, CPU, CPU and memory.

turned out all seem to be compatible. The corsair homepage recommended the RAM with my MB to run 1,8 volt. A quick look into BIOS showed me that everything there was running at normal CPU vdcore 1,35000 volt.

I didn't want to change any BIOS settings, and maybe causing more damage.

interestingly after all that ram-switching, memtesting, researching, on-off-turning my pc hasn't crashed once (yet). But i guess the crashing is just a symptom of the underlying cause. and i'm sure i haven't gotten rid of that cause.

what is your expert opinion on my problem? ram broken? mb trash ? maybe something different?

I'm really thankful for any ideas & insight. if you need more data or can recommend further tests that would be great as well.

What is your opinion on changing the vdcore and/or memory voltage ?

Thanks a lot!

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  1. I only change the ram voltage and speed; usually the ram voltage is ok and doesn't require changing. I don't change the timings. Never had much luck with that; usually the board chooses timings based on the ram specs and default voltage. Mixing ram can cause issues; it's still best to use the same ram in all slots. If you live in the usa, I suggest you request an rma for your motherboard. Give them 24 hours to respond and be sure to use the correct form or follow their procedures. They may give you an rma number even if you think it's out of warranty. Sometimes they will send you a different board if they're completely out of stock and no longer make the board. It takes a minimum of two weeks to get a replacement board. It won't be new, unless they're out of stock for the refurbished ones.
  2. i do use the same ram in every slot and didn't plan on changing the timings they are exact what corsair recommends. I'm just curious if the voltage might be a reason for this behaviour.

    intriguingly the problem didn't occur again today. my pc is now running for 7 hours and not just standby.

    as for the rma.. well.. the warranties of all components are definitely expired.

    any other ideas ? could this be the result of an issue with the power supply ? the sudden turning off and then instantly restarting feels a bit like a short circuit.
  3. It could. Wouldn't hurt to remount the board, checking under for any loose wires, screws, or misplaced standoffs. Also be sure any leftover material from the backplate is bent out of the way or broken off.
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