Can I get a remote for my computer?

I want to have a computer I can use to steam content, play blueray movies etc hooking directly to my plasma. I understand what components I need in general, but is there some kind of remote I could get so I don't have to have an entire keyboard and mouse? Suggestions???
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  1. So, I am guessing no one knows how to remote control a computer without a keyboard and mouse?
  2. My audigy sound card came with a remote. Not sure if current models do... It was more of a hassle to use than anything.

    I just use my bluetooth mouse, keyboard, and separate numpad, which all came in one kit. The numpad works well as a stand-alone "remote" but only for basic functions as typical on most keyboards.
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    TV tuners can come with remotes. The remote will allow you to control specific software bound functions. The one i linked has a remote designed to control windows media center, which will allow you to perform all the tasks that you have mentioned.

    the tuner also comes with IR blasters, meaning you should be able to control auxiliary devices from your computer.
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