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I put together a new computer for my son this Christmas with all new components excluding the hard drive and optical drive (dvd rw dl), both of which are IDE. Everything powers up and is recognized during bios recognition but I get a bsod when trying to launch from the HD and the optical will not start/read. The current HD has windows xp, which i don't have the disc for, but I have windows 7 which I want to install on this HD. If I could include the bsod info I would but it flashes so quickly on the screen then goes straight to reboot. I have tried many different configurations via the bios as well as reconfiguring the dip switches for master and slave for the HD and optical, they are both connected via a single IDE connector since the motherboard I have only has one IDE connector. My motherboard is a Biostar TA870+ with and AMD phenom II x2 processor, 2gb of DDR3, and nVidia 430 gpu. I realize i should probably just junk the IDE and go straight for some SATA components but wanted to keep price down and figured i could just use the components to help with that. Any advice would be helpful.
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  1. Can you get into the Bios menu?

    If not, take out the battery and unplug the computer for 30 seconds.
  2. Yes, I can access the bios. I tried making a few changes there and nothing there seemed to work.
  3. gr8blumpkin said:
    Yes, I can access the bios. I tried making a few changes there and nothing there seemed to work.

    Go to the voltages and set EVERYTHING to auto, or just click on Optimized Settings.
  4. Tried optimized settings and that doesn't seem to work either.
  5. If you are trying to start your computer with an operating system that has already been installed on a hDD it will not boot and go to the bsod as soon as windows tries to start because it has all the wrong drivers installed. You will need to do a complete reformat and reinstall with either operating system. You say it won't boot to cd/dvd? That's most likely because the hdd is set to boot first and when it finds a system already installed on the hard drive, (even though it won't start), it tries to start and bsod's on you. You should be able to press F10 or F11 during boot and select the boot device, which would be the cd/dvd device. From there you should be able to install your windows 7. Fresh install and reformat the hdd. The other choice is to go into bios during boot and go to boot directory there and change it to boot to cd/dvd drive.
  6. I have set to boot from cd/dvd first via the bios but have the same problem. It recognizes both the cd/dvd which are on ide channel 0. the dvd is the master and the hdd is the slave. dvd is in umda mode4 and hdd is umda mode5. SMART capability and status ok on hdd.
  7. So you have the win 7 disk in the drive and you have it setup to start first and it doesn't recognize it as a boot disk? Did you try the F10 method yet? The win 7 is a complete system not an upgrade right? Sorry gotta ask
  8. It is the full version. And on my mobo it was actually f9, took a few restarts to figure that one out. Still no luck though. Maybe there is something wrong with the dvd drive. It is recognized and the light flashes on it but nothing else, skips straight to boot from the hdd.
  9. Try disconnecting the hdd and just starting with the dvd. It should start and begin loading software and then realize there's no hdd. If you just unplug the ribbon cable and not the power you should be able to then plug it in and try to continue. If nothing else it should tell you the dvd drive is starting
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