275 gtx poor performance

hi guys,

I am having some serious issues with my 275 gtx.....

i hav......core 2 duo e8400
biostar tp43e combo mobo
4x1 gb kingston
320gb + 160gb wd hdd
zotac 275 gtx
cooler master pro 550w psu

Evrything was working like charm until recently suddenly startd getting low fps for most of the games.I playd evrything maxd out out for most games.....gettin a min of 30fps or above.

Recently i started getting very low fps...lyk 10-15....for graphic intensive areas..evryting maxed out.Turning down shadows n geometry helped a bit in dirt 2,farcry2,f1 2010 etc to improve the frame rates but not by a huge amount.There were still a few games that ran very well given the issue!

Things got fixd by itself later on n evryting ran smooth as silk once again.....but now i am getting the same problem again...n much worse this time.

Hear that a faulty psu can cause such a s/m restarts twice before booting into windows...could this be psu problm??? n could that cause poor gpu performance?? prety damn sure its a hardware problm......i tried xp and vista to no avail n also the latest nvidia deivers...

pls help help help......................thanx
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  1. Gtx 275 should run those games ok. But not direct x 11 card wich would run them even better like a gtx 460 or Ati 6870. Try a strong power supply first and different video card drivers. And if that doesnt help then time to upgrade your video card.
  2. i was running the same exact hardware config before the degradation in performance...n i havnt touchd a thing......cpu n gpu temps are quite normal....gpu clocks are also normal........but can the psu cause low fps in games?? the only other chance is some bottlenecking....which wasnt present earlier!

    This config worked perfect for me for all games even for crysis.But now it fails evn for much lesser games.The diference is so noticeable & almost unplayable!
  3. my pc restarts twice before booting...the third time display turns on and boots into windows....what might be causing this?? faulty psu? or mobo problm??.......pls help
  4. anyway thanx for ur replies guys....
  5. I'd suggest that you download fresh and latest drivers for everything from manufacturer's websites - motherboard, bios, graphics, sound, LAN etc and burn them to a CD / USB and reformat windows.

    Sounds like it could a bogged down operating system / some sort of weird corruption or driver clash causing the reboots.

    Good chance this may sort the problem out and won't cost you anything at least.
  6. hey ive tried fresh installs win 7 64 bit and xp 32 bit and all the latest drivers....nothing helped... i think its a hardware restart twice i meant
    the power truns on and off twice before the bios shows up...this cant b a driver problm coz evn the bios is not has to be mobo or the psu i gues!

    anyway thanx.
  7. pls help.........
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