Need assistance random choppy playback and software

Hello I built a HTPC using some spare components last year it worked a treat until about a month ago. Out of the blue during video playback the video became choppy and the audio began would stutter with the choppy video. It wasn't to bad at first but now its unwatchable.system was operating on XP, Ive since upgraded to windows 7, and replaced GPU with other spare unit. It worked fine for a a few movies then previous problem returned. Im thinking it could be a bad HD or RAM?

Specs are

thermaltake 430w
2gb kingston Ram
windows 7 64bit

thanks for any advice as its really starting to annoy me! Cheers guys!
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  1. If you have multiple ram modules just use a single module, switch if you still see the issue.

    Run a HDD bad sector test.
  2. cheers will try and ill post the results.
  3. Seems to have been the RAM. I switched it out and all seems ok ..for now.
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