ATI Radeon HD 3200 Driver update problems

I have had a laptop since '08, works fine, but I'm looking to update my graphics driver right now, in an effort to avoid the bug I'm currently encountering in one of my favorite games. I go to the AMD website, follow the instructions and the forums, and download the Catalyst software suite 10.10, which, according to the fine folks in the forums, should solve all of my problems ( So I uninstall all previous software drivers for my graphics card, reboot, install/run the Catalyst software suite, reboot again. I check my driver version, and it appears to be the same version as before I tried to update (7.15.0010.0096). So basically it didn't update. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated, as I have followed so many instructions and uninstalled/installed so many times, to no effect.
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  1. Try using Driver Sweeper from Guru3d.
    1. Install driver sweeper
    2. uninstall old drivers via control panel
    3. boot into safe mode
    4. run driver sweeper and remove all graphics drivers
    5. boot normally
    6. install CCC 10.10
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