Share files through 2 routers


I want to be able to share files through 2 routers.
Router 1 (
Asus N - dd-wrt v24-sp2
mac (through wifi)

Router 2 (
D-link di-624

I want device from router 1 to share files with devices on router 2 and vice versa.
Current setup:
dsl in router 1 then router 1 goes in the WAN of router 2, I guees I cannot share because of the ip range that's different, like router 2 would need to be
I tried that then put router 1 in port 1 of router 2 (instead of WAN) then it works I can share accross all devices, but for I don't know which reason, internet speed from router 2 will decrease dramatically and sometimes request will fail which does not happen with the 1st setup... Any way to correct this?

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    Change the IP address of the second router to something like and disable DHCP. Connect the cable from the first router to a LAN port on the second router.
  2. When I do that my internet speed decreases a lot and sometimes page fail to load (using firefox) any idea why? it is weird though as my torrent is working at normal speed but somehow web site can't load or very slowly would it be a browser problem?
  3. Are you disabling DHCP on the second router?
  4. yes, speed using torrent is fine though, that's what i find odd
  5. Do you actually need 2 routers? Ar you doing this just because you have 2 routers? How about using one router? They do have more than one port so multiple computers can be connected to the same router. Too many computers? Add a switch. You are setting up a headache, not a home network.
  6. Yes I do need 2 routers, I am not doing this just out of fun. Yes I could use a switch but I don't have one and I already have the 2nd router. The 2 routers are not in the same room and I dont want to run 20 cables through the house, so I ran one and connected it to the 2nd router and plugged the computers in that room into that router. It is far from a headache, once setup you hardly even need to touch it.
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