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Can you Crossfire 2 Different Cards?

Can you crossfire 2 different ATI cards? like a 6870 and a 6850? Ive heard diff rumors on this and would like some clarification

ive heard you can so long as they are the same gen... (i.e. 4k or 5k or 6k) but they cant be mixed like a 5k with a 6k

then ive heard it can be even more specific its gotta be same line i.e. a 5800 with another 5800 series (so 5870 with a 5850) but others have said you can crossfire a 5770 with a 5850.

however some advantages/disadvantages were that if you crossfire different cards the better card clocks down to the lower card so its really pointless

any insight is good THANK!
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  1. My understanding is that you can crossfire two cards of the same family, but that the performance of the better card will be cut down to match the lesser card. So you are basically correct in your assumptions.
  2. but what is the family tho? is it just the gen so u can crossfire say a 5850 with a 5770? or does it gotta be even more specific and same series i.e. 5800 series with another 5800 series?

    but regardless it seems pointless to crossfire with a better card
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    Yes, you are right, basically you can CF 2 different cards from the same family model, like HD5850 with HD5870 or HD5830, HD4850 with HD4860/HD4870/HD4890, but not HD4850 with HD5850.
    Just like that... :)
  4. can you go like 5850 with a 5770?
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