Graphic card problems!!

SO i have an ATI Radeon HD 4650 Series video card (its brand new)
My desktop board is an intel DH55HC and these two pieces of equipment are compatible.

However, i am having a problem installing the video card on my computer

When i run my desktop off my on-board video adapter (the one on the motherboard itself) everything runs perfectly and smoothly. But, when i try to switch the display to my graphics card, my computer will freeze shortly after booting (i usually get to the welcome screen or the login screen before it freezes). Often, it will freeze and the display will become a series of multi-coloured lines on my monitor.

I should also note that i have not installed any drivers for the video card yet, because i cant get past the startup screen if im using the new graphics card.

Help is appreciated, thanks in advance
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  1. Then try to disabled the onboard graphic from BIOS...
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