Choosing a mobo for mid gaming

I have a msi tf III 6950 and I'm planning to get a suitable mobo for it. Probably going for intel processor and I don't actually wanna spend too much on it. Will i5(2500k) last me long?? And I actually am using a 550powerbox, should I change it??
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  1. Motherboard :
    Yes 2500k is perfect for gaming. The minim power for 6950 is 500w if im right. 550w will be ok.
  2. get the Asus Sabertooth p67 b3 rev 3.0 , YOU wont regret it my friend i have the sabertooth p67 with the i5 2500k , and its the best combo ever , it goes so good like peanut butter and jelly !
  3. Okay thank you guys!! Thank you do much!! Will gonna look into those boards!=D
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