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So, here's my story. My computer just had a power surge hit it. The computer powers up and everything appears to be okay, except the Graphics card seems locked at 1280x1024. The Monitor's Native resolution is 1680x1050. Here's the troubleshooting steps thus far:

1. Restarted the computer.
2. Reinstalled existing graphics drivers.
3. Installed new Graphics drivers
4. Removed both monitor and drivers in Device Manager.
5. Rebooted, let Windows 7 (64 bit, home premium) install the drivers. Rebooted again. Upgraded to latest version of drivers.
6. Unplugged monitor, confirmed all monitor settings to make sure everything was set normally. Reattached monitor.
7. Entered into the NVidia Control Panel and manually entered the correct resolution. The control panel returned an error that the monitor doesn't support it. (Which, it was working fine prior to the surge...)

The only other thing I can think of to do is to completely pull the OS and start over. It would seem if it were hardware, it wouldn't work in the first place. This really does strike me as a purely software issue.

Anyone got any ideas? Again, the OS is windows 7, 64 Bit, Home Premium.
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  1. The monitor is recognized correctly by the OS? In display settings.
  2. Well, yes and no. In Display Resolution it's recognized as an "Acer" and in Device Manager, it's recognized as a "Generic PnP Monitor." Weird, eh?

    Edit: It's a Westinghouse. No special drivers so "Generic PnP Monitor" should be correct.
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