Help me find a case!

I would like a case thats under $100 (rather like it under $75) it needs to have the cable management thing so you route cables to the back (like rubber groumets or the cut out holes). and i would like it of good quality.

heres what i was looking at


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  1. That case you chose will have holes for cable management, but if you want the rubber grommets it will be more than 100$
    some other good options: $89.98 after rebate - $59.99 - $89.99
    Cooler Master cases have great quality and any of these cases will have good cable management. It comes down to personal preference
  2. The 690II is an awesome case i have one.
    You could save some cash and get the older 690 without sacrificing quality.
  3. that one is nice but i dont see the cable management cut out
  4. stevenlikesfishing said:
    that one is nice but i dont see the cable management cut out

    You can't tell from the Newegg pics but it has a top cut-out the same size as the bottom one.
    Also it's hard to see the open space that runs the entire case height between the mobo plate and drive cages.
    It's open beside the FP and case cables that are tied in the pic.
    The 690 does lack a cpu cut-out which isn't a huge deal if you choose an aftermarket cooler and mount the back plate before installing the mobo.
  5. Just grab the 690 II Advanced. You'll be hard pressed to find a better case at that price point.
  6. thanks!
  7. Consider this too -

    Absolutely on mark with your budget but a damn good case with all your required features..
  8. thanks! that looks awesome!
  9. I would second the LIAN LI case, though the HAF 922 and your first case are great choices. As case is a personal decision, so get what you like and what looks good to you with the required features you are looking for.

    I just updated from an original Antec 1200 to the Corsair 650D and couldn't be happier. I'll use my Antec 1200 for a secondary build down the road.
  10. love the corsair case but way to much for me.
  11. Yes... they are expensive but it was the one thing I bought myself with my Income Tax money before the wife got a hold of it for important stuff... bills :(
  12. oh icic nice. heres another question, is it possible to transfer the windows sticker on my current case to my new case?
  13. Are your talking about the Windows sticker with the key code??
  14. yes sir. its stuck on my old case.
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