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5770 crossfire or single 6870?

The single 6870 is $48 cheaper than 5770 crossfire, not that much difference. Is there better bang for your buck for gaming than 1 of these choices?
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  1. if you already have a 5770, then add another one, if not, 6870 is a better buy.
  2. Actually you could also consider getting a single 6850 @ $180 and OC it for about the same performance as the 6870 and then later add a second if you find you need it - and save $60 over getting the 6870 or $108 over the crossfire 5770's
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    I had two 5750's overclocked far beyond the 5770's clock speeds and I upgraded to a single 6870 and it's a slight increase in speed. the increase is just noticeable in really GPU-intensive games.

    There's also the new features the 6870 has such as HDMI 1.4a, 3D support, new method of anti-aliasing, etc.
  4. Single 6870.
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