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MotherBoard supporting RAID 0 and memory upto 16GB .

I want a to buy a motherboard which supports on RAID 0 and can support upto 16 Gb of RAM .Please help me out with is.

--Deepak Punjabi
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  1. deepakpunjabi said:
    I want a to buy a motherboard which supports on RAID 0 and can support upto 16 Gb of RAM .Please help me out with is.

    --Deepak Punjabi

    The Budget is 10,000 INR.
  2. almost all motherboard meet that requirement, need to know more info like whats your CPU to give recommendation.
  3. Thanks for the replying,

    I have decided on the processor I7.I would like to configure RAID 0 on it . What would I need apart from this in setting up RAID 0

    System would be used for VM (Virtual Machine) related softwares ,it is not for gaming purpose.

    It would be great if u suggest the entire configuration

    Deepak Punjabi
  4. Knowing what VM solution will be implemented would help. What will the VMs be used for? How many hard disks or SSDs?
  5. Basically I would be installing VM software on The host OS ,and after that I would be creating 3 Virtual Machines using The VM Software and Each VM would be internally connected and it will act as a 3 single system.

    I would be using ORACLE Database Software on each of the VM.
  6. In my environment, disk I/O is the main performance bottleneck while the CPU isn't that busy. However my VMs are used for testing only and Oracle usually doesn't perform that much work. Allocating each VM enough memory to prevent swapping helps a lot with performance.

    Wouldn't an i7 blow your budget? Unless the converion that I used is incorrect, 10,000 INR only is $200. What i7 will you buy and how many hard disks will you install?
  7. Yes,
    That's true that CPU is not that busy,I am mainly interested in the Disk I/O performance.That the reason why I decided to configure RAID 0 .I may select i5 to lower down that budget.Processor is not a concern.

    My concern is the motherboard.Which should I go for?

    My budget for the entire system is 35,000 INR (Only the CPU) .

    Main use of the system is as mentioned in the earlier post.
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    zhihao50 is correct; almost all motherboards support RAID 0. I went with a different approach - I use several different hard disks to maximize I/O (one boot disk and 3 disks for the VMs).

    Will you buy an i5 CPU that supports vt-d, e.g., i5 2500? Note that the K series processors don't.

    Check the following motherboards (and others):

    - BIOSTAR TH67+ The H67 chipset doesn't allow overclocking

    You shouldn't need a video card if you buy a processor with Integrated Graphics and a motherboard that has D-Sub and/or DVI-D ports (the above motherboards do).

    It's difficult to suggest desktop/gamer motherboards for a server and I don't know what motherboards are available in India. Read the reviews and always bear in mind that stability is more important than ultimate performance for a server.
  9. Hi ,

    Thanks for replying .

    Will Intel 67bl motherboard will provide the same?
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