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Hi all
I've been slowly upgrading parts of my computer
awhile back, I changed my PSU to the Antec 650W earthwatts, and my vid card to a budget ATI 4850

With boxing day deals I just bought the i5-760 (for 170$ after shipping)
For RAM, i just bought these:
Patriot Extreme Performance Viper II Sector 7 Series DDR3 6GB (3 x 2GB) PC3-12800 Enhanced Latency Kit
(had a boxing day sale so I got them for 45$ after MIR)

Soooo I'm mostly asking about what kind of motherboard I should be looking at. I'm trying to save money as much as possible, but I'm just reading up on this whole triple channel ram stuff. I realize the RAM I bought would be great for triple channel usage, but I'm now realizing that requires the more expensive 1366 mobo's... but those mobo's are really for the i7's

So do I get a 1156 board now, and then one day when I can afford an i7, upgrade the mobo+cpu and keep my RAM?

Plus, I'm starting to hear the triple channel doesnt give that much extra performance over the dual channel....
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  1. socket 1156 boards/cpus are only dual channel anyway, so might have been a tiny mistake buying 3 sticks over simply a pair.

    The dual channel memory 1156 boards run well, I'd not worry about 'needing' an i7/x58 combo, as this will be replaced next year anyway with quad channel boards and socket 2011....
  2. Do you need crossfire/sli?

    What are you doing with this computer? An i5 760 is plenty potent for most anything you could possibly want to do. Upgrading to An i7/X58 from an i5/P55 would be a waste of money as far as upgrades go.



    Neither of these support Crossfire or SLI, but if you don't need it then you can save a bit of cash.

    Like mdd already said, you canNOT use triple channel on an 1156 platform. Just use 4 of the 6 GB of RAM and put them in dual channel. It looks like you didn't waste any money seeing as how you got the RAM at only $45, but I guess you might have been able to save some if there was a cheaper dual channel set on sale.
  3. No I don't need crossfire/SLI

    the other idea is that should I consider returning my i5-760 and waiting till the sandybridge comes out?
    will that drop the older tech (cpu AND mobo) in price?
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