Will the Nvidia 8400GS cut it?

I was thinking about buying Nvidia GeForce 8400GS to put into a media center pc in my living room will the ASUS GeForce 8400Gs be good enough to play movies on surf the web and normal day to day computing tasks?
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  1. Yes.
  2. what if i decided to make simple videos with sony vegas or imovie?
  3. Simple fine full HD no.
  4. could you reccomend a card that has more power that wont break the bank? i make some vids for youtube and stuff like that but my professionality is music prduction so anything that wont kill my wallet would be fine.
  5. The GPU plays no major role in most consumer level Video Editing programs. Playback in HD could be an issue perhaps but unless you have an HD capable monitor then it is irrelevant.
  6. A GT220 would be OK, it's equivalent to but newer than the 9500GT that I'm using at the moment to watch HD movies on.
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