Toms hadware system builder 2010 December 500 gaming pc

I live in ausstralia. I would like to build the 500 gaming pc but i am having trouble finding the parts. Could anyone suggest a site or a shop that will ship to australia and still keep the comonents under 600 australian dollars?
thanks in advance Cheers
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  1. I'd recommend simply looking for competitively priced computer shops in Australia...bound to be at least a few, and save on shipping international....

    For gaming, start your build around a GTX460 if at all possible, IMO....
  2. ^^Yeah I agree, in my country it's the same the 500$ turn into 670$, you can't compete with US prices, atleast in Europe.

    The GTX 460 is great, if you are goin to use a 1080p and higher resolution I reccomend the 1GB version, also if it's cheeper you could go for the AMD Radeon HD 6850, the same basic performance, but a BIT less OC friendly.

    Please tell us the resolution you are going to be using.
    I think Amazon ships to Australia, not sure, but check it out.

    BTW EVERY time I want to write 6850 I write 6950, I have no idea why :D

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