Maximum RAM for Dell Intel Pentium 4 CPU 2.99 GHz 32 bit

I have an older dell Pentium 4 2.99 GHz 32 bit..that I installed 2GB of RAM into two years ago...but I recently ordered a new graphics card (was told the max I could put in was the nVidia 7600gt (AGP). I also recently upgraded the power supply to 400watts. Is it safe to install another 2GB of RAM...I am being told the 2GB I have in there may not be enough memory for the nVidia 7600 card. I honestly don't have a clue and don't want to fry my mother board.

Please help...thank you
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  1. If you're using 2 1GB sticks already and have 2 slots left you will be fine.

    You can look in your documentation or Dell's site for max ram or go to a site like and use the memory advisor tool for confirmation.
  2. Thanks for your input...I will go with replacing the two 1GB sticks with two 2GB sticks...and no...the PC was a free hand-me-down and I am replacing it in July...this upgrade is necessary until then.

    Then I will donate the unit to someone who needs a basic computer.
  3. That's funny because a friend of mine just gave me his old p4 3gz w/ht and a 3850 agp with 4 gb of ram. I have to say I am surprised how well it runs considering it's age. I think the 3850 added some serious life to it. I
  4. You will more than likely not notice a performance difference in gaming with the added memory even if you are using windows 7. With windows XP you will not notice a difference at all. Your video card and CPU will hold you back in gaming before your ram will. I used to use a 3870 for gaming with an Athlon IIx4 and 2GB of memory and windows 7 64-bit. I upgraded to 4GB not for gaming, but for multi-tasking. The only thing more ram will improve in gaming in your case is the speed of alt-tabbing out of a game.
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