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Hey guys.
I am hoping to build a gaming PC for around $1500, I want to be able to play games such as Starcraft II and Battlefield Bad Company 2, but I also want a system that will last a bit longer then a build that will play those games but might struggle on future releases. I really appreciate the help guys.

Not needed: Keyboard,mouse,speakers,screen

If possible I would prefer the parts from this site Because I am from Australia so the prices have to be relevent to here. I gave it a shot using the system builder on that site but I didn't know if certain parts would work with others and I was unaware if the parts would fit the case and what type of power supply I could/couldn't use.

Again thanks a bunch guys :)

oh and I don't care about AMD/Intel. Whatever works :D
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  1. wait for the sandy bridge
    releasing in 2 weeks
  2. I'm sorry I dont understand. Care to elaborate?
  3. Shaunnnh said:
    I'm sorry I dont understand. Care to elaborate?

    Wait for the new intel cpu series,codenamed SandyBridge.They will be released in 2 weeks.
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