Upgrading my computer

I'm about to upgrade my computer and I was wondering if what I want to get will be supportable on my current specs.

These are my current specs:

PSU: 550W

CPU: Intel Core 2 Duo E6600


Motherboard: P5N32-SLI-SE-Deluxe

Graphics Card: Nvidia GeForce 7950 GT

Harddrive: 500GB

and this is what I wish to get:

Motherboard: GA-H67M-UD2H

CPU: either...
Intel Core i5 760 2.8GHz
(http://www.aria.co.uk/Products/Components/CPUs / Processors/Intel Core i5/Intel Core i5 760 2.8GHz (Lynnfield) (Socket LGA1156) Processor - Retail ?productId=40924)

or... Intel Core i3 540 3.06Ghz
(http://www.aria.co.uk/Products/Components/CPUs / Processors/Intel Core i3/Intel Core i3 540 3.06Ghz (Clarkdale) (Socket LGA1156) Processor - Retail ?productId=39241

I'm aware that the i5 is better but if I get that it leaves me with no money so although I want it, I'm not entirely sure yet.

And lastly...

Graphics Card: Zotac GeForce GTX 460 AMP 1GB GDDR5 (http://www.amazon.co.uk/Zotac-GeForce-DDR5-Graphics-Card/dp/B00405EWOQ/ref=sr_1_5?ie=UTF8&qid=1293446603&sr=8-5)

what I want to know is will they be okay on my system, or... if there's any thing else I could get thats just as good which will allow me to play games on high settings, (One game is one thats not out till 2012, so need to be open about graphics requirements)
without paying to much, or going to AMD (can't stand AMD)
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  1. Mainly I'm worried I need a new PSU, I know about RAM already and that I need to buy DDR3 forgot to mention that.
  2. Those processors won't fit in that motherboard, you picked a Sandy Bridge motherboard.

    Also, 550 watts is way more than enough for a gtx 460.
    What brand is your PSU though?
  3. Wait until you have the money for a PSU that is rate 200-300 watts above what you currently have spec'd out, which would allow a 2nd GTX460 in SLI in the future.
    Opt for the i5 quad core if at all possible..

    (reminder: newer i5 SandyBridges and socket 1155 mainboards out in a few weeks)
  4. whats a Sandy Bridge Motherboard? whats the difference between a normal one?
    and my PSU is Hec apparently.... no idea if thats good
    and I'll buy one of the 750W PSU's in the future so I can do that =]
    on one GTX 460, am I able to have 2 -3 monitors?
  5. Sandy Bridge is the codename for the new processor microarchitecture developed by Intel. U can find many articles about it by googling :)
  6. I'm an AMD hater cos all of the ones I've used have never worked sufficently well in my opinion... so yeah, I stay away from them.
    and why not Zotac? I can get another manufacturer wouldn't bother me, that one just looks kool :P hah

    and I see whats special about Sandy Bridge?
  7. nah I picked that card cos I know its pretty good, but that particular card manufacturor cos it looks kool aha xD
    and there isn't any real point just like the look of it, and I don't currently, but once I've gotten it all upgraded going to invest in a nicer case.
    and ohhh I see. I don't know to much about hardware... trying to compare my current things and what I may need takes me forever.
  8. soo... anyone got any suggestions as to what I can get?
    I need something thats got good power... can use 32bit windows..
    at least 4gb RAM...
    Rather stuck... since noone has actually said what other ones I can get instead
  9. sandy bridge will be the new line from Intel to be launched 5 Jan 2011,overall performance has been greatly improved over the current available midrange hardware,i'd say wait till 5 Jan even if you dont buy a sandy bridge CPU the prices on the current i3,i5 and i7 hardware would like drop by a significant margin
  10. do you know how much they would cost approximately?
    How does everyone know that the Motherboard I had picked is Sandy Bridge anyhow?
    I thought it was just the next model up from the basic ix motherboard range.
  11. Theschneid said:
    do you know how much they would cost approximately?
    How does everyone know that the Motherboard I had picked is Sandy Bridge anyhow?
    I thought it was just the next model up from the basic ix motherboard range.

    prices are said to be similar to current options but with estimated 20% increase in performance across the board



    info on socket LGA1155
  12. I checked up on the proccessor... and it supports the 1156 ix chips... soo it shouldn't matter
  13. *motherboard
  14. and were up to why is Zotac not very good malmetal?
    whats a better companies GTX 460 to go for?
  15. Theschneid said:
    I checked up on the proccessor... and it supports the 1156 ix chips... soo it shouldn't matter

    nope it doesn,but get a 1156 board for the i5

  16. I was looking at the wrong motherboard aha xD
    I'd rather have this one,...
    I think its a little bit better as it supports i3 as well
    amd I might need to go i3 first the improve on it at a later date
  17. aha I want to buy a good one... but I don't want to spend tooo much =[
    you not using the GTX460 atm then?
    whats the GTS 450 Cyclone like? =]
  18. I don't know what good and bad about it...
    is it better than the GTX 460?
    and I'm gonna go for a board that can use i3 i5 and i7...
    and upgrade again in the future once I've got more money...
    do you know any sites that sell parts cheaper
    than aria and ebuyer?
  19. I don't know the difference's between them really..
    all I need is a board that can run all three chip types... can use 32bit or is it 64 bit the one that can use more than 4GB RAM? I forget...and that is powerful enough to be able to handle a game that should be coming out in 2012. (So I need to approximate the requirements of a game in the future haha xd)
  20. Don't really want to wait.. cos knowing me the money will rapidly disappear xd
    could you be so kind as to help me find a website that sells them cheaply?
    and would I see a big change in speed and power over what I've got now with just i3?
  21. I'm in England.. xd aha
    and I only have about........ £250-300
    which is about $450-500 I think

    and I know it beats it.. but would I see a noticeable change?
  22. is that good?
    I posted on here before and someone said DDR2 is better..
    I was thinking I doubt that.. xd
  23. whats the difference between the two boards other than size?
    and yeah I am thinking of SLi in the future
    and umm... I have the case for the MESH Computers E6600 Elite...
    you'll have to have a look for it cos I've only found the case by looking for it
  24. yeah thats the one
  25. No problem ^^ I shall look for you =]
  26. whats the difference between SLI and Cross-Fire? I've forgotten xd
  27. ahhh I see xD aha
    what does SLI actually do? I know it puts two graphics cards together
    but I've never actualy found out what the difference it makes
  28. ohhhh I see xD so it makes it like... double its normal power and such then?
    and those boards... I don't know whats good and whats not? can you like give me
    a list like go..
    then 2nd and so on so I can see the difference =]
    as I'm not very hot on my computer hardware..
    I know RAM and HDD and thats it :P
    and thats only cos its numbers hehe
  29. bang for buck? haha you telling me to become a male prostitute? hahaaha
    and okays =] thanks =]
    I'm guessing processor after motherboard then?
  30. The Asrock one doesn't look to bad..
    The MSI one looks pretty good too..
    in terms of look and what it says
  31. hahaha cheeky B**** haha :P
    I inboxed you about the motherboard earlier by the way..
    the one you wanted =]
    so what processor do you think I should get?
    I can't go any higher than about low i5 but that will leave me little money
    for the graphics card..
    and thats one of the main things I want to change atm
  32. aha okays xD
    and have fun with your running around :P
    try not to get in to much trouble haha
  33. haha xD yeah I bet you get yourself in those situations :P
  34. haha :P replied to personal message again
    and also I doubt I can afford the i5 760..
    its £140 so unless I get a surprise amount of money from somewhere
    I doubt I will be able to afford it with the other stuff I want
  35. hehe lets hope so ^^
    I can always sell my grandma :P joke
    I have parts I could sell probably I mean even though its old I have
    another desktop drive I can sell and such...
    good old DDR memory huh? ;)
  36. heheh xD
    what do you think of this graphics card?


    its £20 more than other versions of this graphics card... but this one is also 2gb and not just 1 gb
  37. and well... out of the two of us you seem to be the expert here :P
    I think I probably should go i3 for now though..
    some improvement is better than none improvement..
    the only real reason I'm upgrading anyway is for the graphics card..
    and if I have an amazing graphics card and old crappy cpu it won't be half
    as effective as it could be
  38. I don't know how to overclock..
    and I know you don't like Palit xD
    but I thought 2gb must be an improvement on 1gb..
  39. t?
  40. yeah but problem is I want it to be able to handle the game thats coming out in a year and a half..
    which is the problem I have... cos I don't know its required specs I'm forced to get best I can so I don't have to upgrade again...
    not that I mind really xD
    I've found this one for much cheaper than I've seen some...


    again its Palit... but hey its still a good graphics card at a much cheaper than normal price
  41. aha xD once I have the money I'll super upgrade my computer...
    or just make a new one haha
  42. haha call me Friedrich if you want =]
    and :O STOP! Thief!!! aha xD

    gonna go to this computer shop thats apparently closing down in a couple of days
    see if I can't get some bargains... then sell them on ebay ;) :P
  43. hehe =] going London in a couple of days... check out all the big computer stores..
    see if they have any deals going down xD

    so what is it I'm getting again... I need clarification xd I forget haha
  44. wronggg one.. I mean my things ;) :P
  45. hahaha xD so in your opinion what do you think I should get i wise and motherboard wise?
    I've already settled on getting the GTX 460...
    so now we just need to find those two things withing my price range
  46. what do you think of this bundle?

    Novatech Motherboard Bundle - Intel Core i3 540 - 4GB DDR3 1333Mhz - Intel H55 Motherboard

    Processor Intel Core i3 540 Processor
    Memory 2 x 2GB DDR3 1333Mhz (4Gb)
    Motherboard Intel H55 Chipset Motherboard

    Price £189.99 inc vat
  47. I thought the graphics card was pretty sweet to =]
    cheaper than a GFX 470 and better xD :P
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