Computer Case: Is bigger always better?

I say yes. At least for my circumstances. My computer never leaves my home office. I like a large area to work inside of, and I like to keep all of my cables, ties, etc organized. A large, well constructed case really allows me the freedom to maneuver cables and systems any way I see fit.

Just want to make sure that bigger is still better. The one I am using now is a Thermaltake and it has worked very well. Okay, well, just looking for advice. Thanks.


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  1. Just because a case is bigger does not make it better than the one next to it. Yes a larger case can make it easier for you to work with, but some cases are specifically designed to ease cable management and make it easy to work on your system. Cheaper cases are generally lacking such features and may also be thinner, flimsier, and more likely to cut you. You can also run into the problem of buying too big of a case for your PSU making it hard to make some connections such as optical drives on the top bays.

    The design of the case is also important for airflow. There are some big cheap cases that have really crappy air flow. In that respect they are inferior to a smaller case with better airflow.
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