Took RAM out and then reinserted it and now my computer won't boot up and keeps

My computer has been crashing out when I am gaming. I have been going through a process of elimination. I took one of my ram sticks out and it still crashed. I put the stick back in and now I cannot get my computer to boot and it keeps beeping. What do I do????

Thanks Kez
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  1. Reseat the chip, i am betting its not seating properly.
  2. I have tried that numerous times and tried changing the ports still to no success
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    Your full specs?

    How many RAM chips?
  4. Oh dear I will have to try and remember off the top of my head lol.
    So I think my mobo is EVGA P55v, intel i3, Graphics card is EVGA geforce gt220, kingston 2 x 2gb ram, 2tb hdd
  5. If your MB has 4 ram slots try inserting the modules in different slots but always insert in same colour slots IF only 2 slots then insert it properly so that it is firmly closed the ram clips
  6. Ok I clearly didn't have the ram seated correctly now it is not beeping at me but my monitor is not responding
  7. Ok so I got it all sorted out. The problem with my computer crashing out turned ou to be an overheating GPU. Thanks everyone for your help!! :D
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