Does memory ram increase performance at max settings game??

hey guys can memory improve and remove lag in games while in max settings?? well im planning to add more 2 gb memory on my cpu,,
i want to play call of duty mw2 and 3..,

heres my specs for now..
amd sempron 140 processor 2.75 ghz 26000+
geforce 210 1gb 1000 mhz
1 gb ddr2 memory ram,
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  1. yes it will increase but not too much approximately 15 to 20 percent but the major components are gpu and cpu if they are stronger then everygame can reach at maximum setting without any lags.
  2. its ok...,i want to overclock my amd sempron..some guys did unlock the other core of the sempron.,,but it need a asrock mobo..,if i oc it im afraid to do, it because im on stock coolers...well thanks for the info sir
  3. i would go for one more 1 gb of ram to have 2 gb ram and i would get a beather gpu like the 480 GTS and get a proccesor like amd x2 with a minimum of 2.4 GHZ and you will be able to play any Cod with max settings and with 50+ fps
  4. or you can get a new cooler for the cpu is your mobo sockey 947 or is it AM2 ?
  5. Honestly, I would say that 2 x 2GBs is the minimum RAM that any system should be using. They should be a single package that includes both of the 2 sticks in it instead of in separate packages and not by different manufacturers. By having 2 sticks in the same package you eliminate about 80% of all possible RAM problems.

    RAM problems can be very costly and time consuming to fix and RAM is very cheap, unless your budget is ultra low, I would strongly consider following this advice when upgrading.

    Just get rid of the old RAM if you go this route.

    In general, though, RAM only helps so much when gaming. The biggest performance hit comes from the computer trying to move things back and forth between the page file and the RAM once the RAM has been exhausted.

    If you are gaming the computer is likely to shove everything that isn't related to the game in the page file first so if you just close all your other programs it is effectively the same thing (getting them out of RAM by turning them off or by offloading to the page file).

    Once the other programs are off or transferred to the page file, the game has free usage of pretty much all the RAM and if it can use up all your RAM (with 1 GB it is a possibility) then it would have to start trying to move active game files to the page file and this would kill all fluid playability.

    Honestly, instead of trying to figure all this out you should really just buy the 2 x 2 GBs. It just makes things so much easier when the computer doesn't even have to offload things onto the page file even if more programs are open.

    If/when you get 2 x 2 GBs in the same package, you will want to take your battery out for 15 minutes as you are installing them and turn the computer back on after you put the battery back in at the end of the 15 minutes. It won't take anywhere near that long to replace RAM even if you haven't done it before, and it will remove a further half the problems that remained (80% reduction from 2 x 2GB in the same pack + further half = 90% problems avoided by doing these things).
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