Gaming build, future proof

Approximate Purchase Date: One of the next days.
Budget Range: Im at a budget of 5800 DKK, which is around $1050, but the parts are also more expensive in denmark (and will only get more expensive if bought in, say, America.)

System Usage from Most to Least Important: Gaming, Surfing the web,

Parts Not Required: Basically i only require these parts: PSU, GPU, CPU, RAM and a mobo.

Preferred Website(s) for Parts: Now, heres a tricky one: i live in denmark, and we use "DKK" $1 is about 5,6 DKK. The site you would use in denmark, is called "", its a site where they gather all hardware from all danish sites, andu basically just find your hardware and it tells you where to buy it cheapest. If you could gather something up in DKK it would be awesome, but if you would rahter use newegg, expect a lower budget, like $900

Country of Origin: Denmark

Parts Preferences: Right now im leaning to a CPU/GPU AMD combo (looking at 1075T + 6950)

Overclocking: maybe. if i can spare enough for some aftermarket cooling by buying lesser units and Oc'ing them.

SLI or Crossfire: not atm, i want 1 good card and then when its needed i can put 1 more in.

Monitor Resolution: 1920x1200

So i was basically looking at 1075T 6950, with an ASrock extreme3 870 chipset MOBO (i want the mobo to support USB3) the power supply needs to support crossfire tho, for future upgrades. As for RAM, in denmark Mushkin and G.SKILL arent available, so im going with some 1600 MHz Kingston HyperX
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  1. The lesser clocked i5/socket 1156 cpus/mainboards typically decimate the X4s in gaming benchmarks at moderate resolutions, and, due to small amount of OS/mem overhead with 6 core cpus, defeat the X6 even more....(at 1080P and above , the gpu, however, is normally the dominant bottleneck, but, still the i5 cpus have the edge over x4/x6 competitors....

    Overclocking slants the edge in favor of the i5 even more, IMO...

    Suggest an SLI capable socket 1156 mb/cpu, start with a single GTX460, good/solid performance at moderate $150 (US) price...; add a 2nd one when you can a few months later for stunning high res performance in gaming.
  2. I just dont think i wanna buy the 1156 socket now, especially with the new tech coming out and stuff
  3. mbkcod4 said:
    I just dont think i wanna buy the 1156 socket now, especially with the new tech coming out and stuff

    Sandybridge cpus are about to be released.I would wait for them
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