Please help with new build.

Ok so I have completed building my new custom system. and i booted it up in to bios changed the boot order to sata. and restarted to load windows 7. it cot halfway through the install and the screen went blank and would not do anything. so i shut down the pc. sadly now when i try and boot the pc the olny thing that happens it the fans and all the lights come on. my monitor still stays with an orange light and i really dont know what to do. by the way i tried most all of the troubleshooting in the sticky. Plesase Help.
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  1. remove power/ribbons/SATA connectors from all drives, drop back to a single stick of RAM, reseat video card (with power cable removed from PSU), and try to at least get it to POST....

    can even remove video card, and see if MB at least beeps furiously that it cant find video adapter....

    Perhaps your PSU simply 'gave up the ghost'.....wont know until you try another known good one.
  2. i tried that and it does nothing i dont have another psu. but everything is new so.
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