Radeon 5870 75 Hertz

Hey guys,

I'm a PC newbie, i've recently bought myself a Radeon 5870, i've plugged it in, installed the latest drivers for it and everything seemed to be going well.
But for some reason I cannot change my refresh rate higher than 60.

I was running 75 before using a Nvidia 9600GT
Just wondering if their is anyway I can get my refreshrates back to 75.

My monitor is a Daewoo 905D.
My resolution which was previously running 75 hertz, 1280x1024
Any ideas?
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  1. Tbh i dont think you can get your refresh rate higher than 60Hz,i have the same problem,i am running 2 4870`s at the moment and when i launch a game it defaults to 59Hz,i am running at 1920x1200,i can only change it to 60Hz and no higher.I dont know if its the way new cards are now because they can run much higher resolutions compared to old cards. I could be wrong and iam sorry i could not be of more help.
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