5850 and 9800gtx both giving me issues, is it the PSU?

Before I start, here's my config:

i7 860
Gigabyte P55-USB3
Corsair XMS3 - 2x2gb DDR3
Powercolor 5850/Gigabyte 9800GTX
Seagate 1TB hard disk
Corsair vx550
DVD drive, etc etc

I built this rig in March, and it wouldn't POST at first, with the 5850's fan running at 100%. I solved that by pushing in the 6+2 pin power connector a little harder, but the issue would still rear its head every once in a while. A week ago though, the 5850 completely refused to work, no matter how hard I tried to jam the power connector in. It was the same issue - display wouldn't initialize, and the 5850's fan speed would be at 100%.

So I borrowed a 9800GTX from a friend, and tried to see if it worked. It did at first, but soon I started facing problems with that card too. If I tried to watch a video or play a game, the system would freeze and I'd have to reboot. Strangely, I'd start seeing artifacts during POST, and once I get into Windows, I see "Windows has disabled this device because it has reported problems (Code 43)" in the 9800's properties in Device Manager. A few disables/enables and uninstalls/reinstalls later, the card would start working fine again, for a while.

Also, I've had a few occasions where the green LED on the 9800 would turn orange, and the card would just try to initalize over and over, but fail.

I've tried reseating the cards numerous times. I've done CMOS resets. I've tried both cards in different PCI-E slots, and nothing seems to work. Is it the PSU? Should I just go and get it RMA'd?
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  1. Code 43? Mousemonkey has told me about that code, that's mean the card is just simply "dead"...
    What card did gives you that code? HD5850 or 9800GTX+?
  2. That would be the 9800GTX.
  3. Code 43 means that the device is "dead" as far as Windows is concerned but that doesn't always mean that the device is actually dead, odd I know but that's MS for you. :lol:
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