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ATI 6870 PSU Requirement?

Hi, I'm currently using a Sapphire 5770 in my computer, and it runs fine no problem. I would like to buy a single Sapphire 6870 to replace my 5770.

I have a 500w antec psu (earthwatts type).
The rest of the stuff in my computer is:

+ ASUS P7P55D-E motherboard
+ i3-530 processor (gently overclocked from 2.9 to 3.31 ghz)
+ WD 7200 RPM hard drive
+ Lite-on dvd-rom drive
+ soundblaster x-fi titanium fatal1ty

and 3 case fans

I don't really plan on overclocking the GPU.

i THINK i have enough power to run a 6870 based on some data I read, but just wanted to get some opinions here before I commit to buying.

I read that the i3-530 is a really good match for the 5850 (noncrossfire), and the 6870 is slightly better than the 5850, so I won't be held back by my cpu will i?
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  1. Corsair VX450W PSU would be enough even with overclocking. But are you planning to add anything in the future?
  2. Nope never plan on crossfiring, and I won't be adding multiple hard drives or anything.
  3. Well then VX450W would do just fine. Just asked about your future upgrades so that you can get a bigger PSU and wont have to change your PSU in the future when you upgrade. But since you wont, then VX450W is ideal.
  4. I already have an antec earthwatts 500w, guessing since you said a 450w corsair is okay I should be good to go then.
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    Yes then you are good to go. The Antec PSU you have also enough for your PC. Considering the total system power with the HD6870 is 280W approx!
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  7. Thanks for the vote! :)
  8. Just curious, have u thought about adding a second 5770 in X-fire as opposed to going with the 6870? The performance should be very close, depending on individual titles X-fire scaling, but the dual 5770 route would be approximately $100 cheaper.

    Just a thought.
  9. Yargnit said:
    but the dual 5770 route would be approximately $100 cheaper. Just a thought.

    No it wont be $100 cheaper! HD6870 is just something around $240. HD5770x2 would be something around $300. So how can it be $100 cheaper?? :non:
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