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Chrome used all the 16GB of RAM

Chrome used all the 16GB of RAM @ 300+ tabs open. I have never thought it will happened. Now I wonder if Firefox8 would have the same use age.

This is Chrome 17.0.938.0 BETA -- No slow down at all, but msg about low RAM popped up.

The old C2D E6750 would buckled already, and 2600K no issue. World of difference for anyone who wants to upgrade. Best upgrade on PC u can do, fast CPU, second is SSD.

Windows are running great, everything responses normal.

I thought I share that.

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    WOW. just WOW.

    and to think we wouldnt need more than 640k RAM ever.
  2. can you repeat the same but with FF8?
  3. mayankleoboy1 said:
    can you repeat the same but with FF8?

    I will try it, I have saved the tabs already. I wonder...

    :pt1cable: :pt1cable: :pt1cable: :pt1cable:
  5. EDIT: Chrome used only 11.7GB of the RAM, not 16, (16 was with all the programs)

    After I closed the Chrome, it went down to 5.2GB used.

    To be fair, this PC was on for a few days and it has a a few thousand or so of the bookmarks, so I have to transfer them to FF.
    And add 2 extensions and open it on fresh restart.
  6. awesome job,
  7. Well, it was a Beta version and those few thousand of bookmarks were 16686.

    I'll try it again soon, with 5K bookmarks, after I have reduced the list : )
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