3 or 4 pin fan cable to 4 pin molex

ok just orderd a fan controler that uses eather a 3 or 4 pin ide conecter "i thingk thats what its called" and also orders 2X 120mm fans with only molex conecters

so i need a 3or 4 pin female ide to a female molex cable does anyone know where i can get them ive looked every where

ty lynmachine
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  1. no sorry that wont work i need to plu the fan into a female molex "female" and plug the 3 pin into the male fan controler "female" both ends have to be female ends but the connecters have to be atleast 1x molex and 1x 3or4 pin ide ty anyway
  2. Its unusual for the fan to be the male connector. Can you tell us the model?
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