Intel core 2 quad processor for gaming

can anyone tell me if intel core 2 quad processor good to run games like WoW or sport games and stuff like that??? pls answer and i cant pay to much im just 13 and i get 100$ per month so i need something affordable like 500
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  1. So, you have $500 for a new PC or you have a socket 775 motherboard and want to get a quad for that? If you're building a new PC state the budget and the parts that you don't need if you can reuse something from your old PC, the socket 775 is old.
  2. A Q9650 is still enough for most games. What are your other specs? What is the $500 going towards? Do you already have other parts?
  3. I think that you should save your money and look into an i7. Socket 1366 or 1155.
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