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Okay been trying to pull the trigger on something for weeks now and cant decide what to do with my money to upgrade my current rig to get ready for stwor.. I am looking to get a new mobo to be ready for the new line of amd cpu's when the 2nd gen comes out, so I want an am3+. I like AMD so intell is a no go for me. I am as of now looking to spend my 300ish dollars on 2 things for now, a new mobo and a new GPU. I am looking into the 6870 gpus over the 6850's, not really sure how much bang id be gettin for the extra money tho. Will be upgrading more over the next 6months or so as i get the money.
Here is what I am using

Gigabyte ma790gpt-ud3h Mobo
AMD FX 5770 GPU 1gig
8gigs of ram (not sure what brand)
64bit wind 7
AMD phenom 955 x4 cpu
750w power supply

I feel the vid card and mobo are my downfalls atm and should be taken care of first

I am looking at the 990 AMD am3+ boards such as these but honestly I dont know what will be the best choice, or if i even need to go with a 990fx board.


For a 300ish dollar upgrade whats my best combo bets to upgrade?
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  1. I am upgrading my motherboard to the Gigabyte 990fx this christmas, it's a very good board for the price. Also, I don't think the gpu is bad, but if you want to upgrade, i would go with the Nvidia's gpus. like the 560 is a great card for the price.
  2. I was told by someone that upgrading my mobo isnt really something I should do for now, due to the fact I wont be buying a bulldozer cpu anytime soon. Thoughts? They suggested spending the money on a better GPU such as mentioned above, the 560 or a 9850. Was evening looking at the 5850s.
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