900$ Gaming Build, need some help :)

Hello :)

I'm planning on building my first gaming build and I'd like some advice. This is what I consider for now but there are some parts where I'm not so sure :

Optical Drive : Already got one
Case : Coolermaster HAF 922 (81.40$ - PM)
CPU Cooler : Already got one (Coolermaster Hyper 212+)
RAM : G.Skill 2x2GB 1600 MHZ Ripjaws (52.99$)
HDD : Seagate Barracuda 7200.12 500GB (39.99$ - PM)
Motherboard : Any AM3 Board with 2x PCIE 16x if possible (100-150$)
PSU : Any PSU that can handle the GTX 570 and some overclocking (~100$)
CPU : AMD Phenom II X4 965 BE (159.99$ - PM)
GFX : PNY GTX 570 (349.99$ - PM)

I will probably not use SLI but i'd like to have the second PCIE 16x in case. I will also be playing on a 24" 1080P monitor. And finally, should I take an i3 540 and overclock it or a real quad (965)?

So my question(s) is/are : Which PSU? Which Mobo? i3 or X4?

Thanks :)
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  1. P.S. I'll be ordering at NCIX.com
  2. Bump! :)
  3. I'd stick with the 965. However. AMD is going to play better with AMD's own GpUs, if you're going for multiple GPUs. Consider an ASRock 870 extreme 3 motherboard at $89.99 (does 8x/8x crossfire), and a pair of 6850s which will exceed the 570's ability for the same price
  4. True but that dosen't leave any option for a second card later which kinda bothers me.

    And the only ATI GPUs that beat the GTX 570 are the 6970 at 400$ and the 5970 at 700$+ so that's out of my budget... (And usually the 6970 is below the GTX 570...)

    Just looked at that MOBO and it looks interesting but it's not available at NCIX but it's on special at newegg.ca for 104,99$ which is extremly interesting considering it's got USB3.0, SATA3 and 2 PCIe. Also it's 6-core ready but there's no support for SLI. Anyway, crossfiring 570s would be a bit overkill so that's ok I guess.

    thanks alot :)
  5. 6850 or 6870 in crossfire already exceed the 570 solo
  6. There is 0% chance you would SLI because it makes no sense. If you want to upgrade past your 570, you need a new CPU, you can't get around this really. Quite frankly, in a few games with just your ONE 570, the phenom x4 is the bottleneck, techspot couldn't get past 41fps average in SC2 (4 computers vs 4 humans) with a GTX 480/Phenom x4 OCed to 3.8ghz, and the 480 performs around the same as the 570. 2 460s or 6950s would give you better bang for your buck, although games that don't support SLI or crossfire of course can be problems.

    $53 for ram? You can do better. http://ncix.com/products/index.php?sku=41264&vpn=KVR1333D3N9K2%2F4G&manufacture=Kingston&promoid=1253. Really, DDR3-1600 ram is not worth $8 more, scaled to the cost of your CPU/HSF, it would have to give you at least a 4-5% performance boost to do that, it doesn't.

    I favor AMD, the phenom is better in most games, while the motherboards are cheaper giving them similar price points. I'm not sure where you get the impression that you can overclock your i3 to the level of a more expensive processor, you would be overclocking the more expensive processor as well since you already have the HSF. This logic doesn't work.

    Kind of missed the boat for inexpensive PSUs, they all went on sale on boxing day and sold out. Not sure which ones are lying around, shouldn't need more. Quality 500w would do the trick, 600w+ would be better for some overclocking headroom (nvidia suggests 550w for a 570).
  7. For the PSU, which one is better (Best bang for the bucks) :






    I like the ultra-modular Strider Plus but that's not much of an issue. Now for the HCG, it's kinda new but I heard the OEM psu was from seasonic which looks pretty (extremly) decent. So what's my best choice?

    And also, would getting a cheap AMD 6 core be worth it or not? (For example a 1055T)

    For the RAM, would that be a better option? I'm asking cause I had some smoking RAM problems with kingston...

  8. I'd wait for Sandy Bridge for the cpu.
    I must tell you though,that the best option for a gpu right now is a 6950.It can be flashed to a 6970 bios,effectively unlocking it's extra shaders and making it a 6970.The dual bios of the card also makes this process easy and not dangerous at all:)
  9. All right, I fixed pretty much all my issues :

    I'll get a Phenom II X6 1090T Pm'd at 239.97$ and a HD 6950 at Pm'd at 299.99$ and then flash the card to the 6970 specs. Also, the 1090T gives me free ground shipping for the whole thing (just saved about 50$).

    So that should be ok?

    Thanks :)

    Edit : Got the same idea at the same time :P
  10. good luck. the 1090t will be great, and overclocks easy to 3.8-4.0 GHz
  11. get the tp650 psu
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