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I want to use my Plasma t.v. as a monitor for my pc. Plasma has no VGA jacks but several HDMI. PC has no hdmi. Should I insall a graphics card for HDMI access or should I purchase a VGA to HDMI converter. Or go VGA-DVI-HDMI??
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  1. It is best to install a video card that has HDMI support for best results. What is your budget for such a purpose? What are your primary computer uses (gaming, development, office applications, etc)? And, what are the basic specs of your system (be sure to list the make/model of your motherboard and power supply)?

    Good luck!
  2. VGA cannot easily be converted to HDMI. VGA is analog as are most VGA to DVI converters (DVI can be analog or digital). Your best option is to install a low end GPU with native HDMI. Since this is going to your television you may want to be sure the card you select will pass audio over the HDMI cable.
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