Dying Motherboard?

I recently experienced two power surges in one day and both caused my pc to switch off and I had problems switching it back on after the second surge. Finally got it on again and everything seemed fine, but my graphics have definitely worsened. I couldn't play on my usual settings and been experiencing a slight lag while playing, even on the new low settings. No bsods or error or artifacts though.

I decided to check out my onboard gfx, but it lags to death on even the lowest settings and caused 8bit like characters to appear on my screen before it freezes and i have to restart my pc. Happened in-game and while browsing.
Also, the on-board gfx worked fine a month ago.
So something is clearly borked and I don't have extra parts to swop out with. What would be the number one concern with this issue? My first reaction was motherboard.

Phenom X6 1055
MSI 890GXM-G65
ATI Radeon HD 4870
Apacer Giant II 1600
Raidmax 730w
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  1. your surge protection have failed you, in which case it may have caused damage to any number of components.
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